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Boss Vs Leader | MHR Blog

Every team has a boss, but what people need is a leader who will help them achieve greatness. Not sure how to tell the difference between the two? Here are some key traits that differentiate bosses from leaders.

1. Confidence Vs Fear

Bosses keep you pondering or in dread barely enough so you mention to them what they need to hear. In any event, bosses condition you not to state what they would prefer not to hear. This is the reason bosses needn’t bother with a refereeing procedure – they simply expect for everybody to concur with them.

Leaders assemble your certainty and trust so you will mention to them what they have to hear. They know leadership and trust are important to be influential.

Boss vs leader

2. What’s Right Vs What’s Right Now

A boss focuses on what is right now – putting out the daily fires. A leader stays focused on doing what is right.

Out of all the characteristics of a leader, the ability to force your decisions past the chaos at the moment is the difference between success and failure.

Boss vs leader

3. Legacy Mind Vs Competition Mind

A boss focuses choices on the competition. Leaders remain mindful of their competition yet work considering a legacy definition. This likewise underpins not settling on conceivably awful choices right now and zeroing in on what’s to come.

Boss vs leader

4. Passion and Purpose Vs Fear and Reaction

Bosses – and bad leaders – are driven by fear and reaction. A leader stays driven by passion and purpose

Boss vs leader

5. Boss Vs Leader – Cherisher

This is a HUGE difference between a boss versus a leader. A boss consistently needs to remain your boss. A leader – much like a parent – needs you to improve.


6. How to do it Vs What to do

A boss will teach you what to do. A leader will show you how and why to do it.

characteristics difference

These are some of the characteristics differences between boss vs leader.

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